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Davide Turi

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Senior product manager, tv
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TalkTalk Kids TV Remote provides kids with independence while watching TV and parents with peace of mind. Designed to combat both parents’ and children’s frustrations with standard TV remotes, the TalkTalk Kids TV Remote has been specially designed to allow little hands to easily find their favourite programmes within a safe and secure TV environment.

One press of the unique remote locks children instantly into a new Kids Zone, where they can simply scroll through and select on-demand episodes of popular kids shows such as Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. Children are unable to leave this safe and secure environment without adult intervention via the master remote.

TalkTalk Kids TV Remote main features include:

  • A remote control designed for and with kids
  • By pressing any button it opens a secure area on TV just showing kids content
  • When it’s almost bedtime, a notification on screen shows a countdown, informing kids that the time has come to stop watching and go to bed. At the end of the countdown, the kids’ area goes to sleep and can’t be used anymore until the day after. Parents of course can still use the normal TV
  • Parents can access a secret area from where they can set bedtime hours, during which the kids TV will be unavailable, and decide which content they want to show in the kids’ area.
  • Parents are able to hide shows if they do not want their child watching it or want to encourage children to try something new after hearing the same programme on repeat for days

It is available for £5 to existing TalkTalk TV customers subscribed to the Kids boost, which provides access to kids premium content.

What was the in-market status quo before the proposition was created?

While competitors focused on providing kids with entertainment on a tablet (BBC, Sky, YouTube, Amazon), we conducted customer development interviews with kids and realised that what we were suspecting from viewing data was true: kids prefer watching content on the big screen! While doing that, they would like to be independent, and use the remote control in the same way they see their parents doing. However, this makes parents nervous for a number of reasons: kids might mess up TV settings, watch inappropriate content, or accidentally buy premium content.

We wanted to create a remote that was designed for kids by kids so we went into schools and consulted with over 60 primary school kids. Our findings revealed that younger children struggle to use the normal remote control. It has too many buttons and is too big for them. Moreover, by interviewing parents we also realised that they struggle to convince kids to stop watching TV and go to bed and that they are frustrated because kids tend to watch the same content over and over again, while they would prefer their viewing selection to be more varied.

In terms of insights, we relied on: viewing data by viewer segments (both linear and On Demand), qualitative face to face interviews with parents and kids (customer development interviews to assess the route of the problem and then to validate our proposed solution).

What challenges were you facing as a business?

We needed to increase TV customer engagement in order to increase customer loyalty and decrease churn, which are the two key business challenges for TalkTalk TV.

Moreover, we wanted to increase awareness and TalkTalk TV’s brand perception.

Luckily the internal culture at TV was open to embrace innovation by adopting a customer centric approach. TalkTalk TV developed and launched this first product dedicated to families with young kids by resolving a series frustrations arounds kids TV viewing that our competitors hadn’t quite met. The kids TV remote formed part of broader strategy to increase loyalty and engagement, and improve brand affinity in order to fuel growth in our market share.

What impact has the proposition had?

The proposition launch achieved all the objectives we set.

In terms of brand association with innovation, we achieved very positive coverage from industry leading press such as Broadcast, Engadget,, Gizmodo, Switch and to name a few.

The Kids remote has been well received by parents on social media. A partnership with parenting site UKMums saw the hashtag #talktalkkidsremote trend on Twitter. Furthermore the overwhelming customer feedbacks about the Kids TV remote and our kids proposition confirmed that the customer centric approach paid off.

Finally, in terms of KPIs, we achieved the desired increase in engagement and retention wit customers who bought the kids remote. After one month from the launch of the proposition, we registered +31% number of kids content played by customers using a Kids’ remote vs other customers and a staggering +21% number of kids content hours watched since the Kids Remote launch.

Moreover, 60% of customers with kids remote say they would very likely recommend the remote to friends and family, suggesting a positive shift in the brand perception, a positive impact on the number of TV customers staying with us and an increase in revenue.


Aleyna Aleyna
7 hours ago


LOVE IT! My neighbours have got it and are in love with the bedtime feature - enables them to get their kids into bed without any fuss!

MMossa MMossa
2 days ago

Great invention! life is easier for all parents!

pippopippo pippopippo
3 days ago


Elena Elena
3 days ago

What a great idea.

charlotte charlotte
4 days ago

This is exactly the product I needed for my kids!

Felou Felou
5 days ago

My kids will really love it!!

Perfect for my child!

bhavgokani bhavgokani
5 days ago

My 3 year old has full control of all the shows he loves watching, and mummy (me) is happy as I have peace of mind :-)

roger roger
5 days ago

Amazing product both for kids and adults. We have it and it let kids watch what they want and mums and dads know they are safe

southy79 southy79
6 days ago

Got this for my 3 year old boy and he absolutely loves it!! Took to using it within minutes with no problems at all.

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